Nutritional Intervention in A Unique Porcine Serum Polypeptide Nutritional Supplement

Principal Investigators: Jacob Teitelbaum MD* , Gaetano Morello ND**, Sarah
* Corresponding author, Kona Research Center. [email protected]
** Wellness Center, West, Vancouver, B.C.
*** Pataskala, Ohio

Aims: To determine the effectiveness of a unique polypeptide serum extract in improving health.
Method: An open-label prospective study of 100 people who rated their energy as five or less on a 0 to 10 scale (zero being dead and 10 being healthy)
Interventions: 100 subjects received the supplement, four 500 mg tablets twice daily for five
weeks after an initial five-day loading dose.
Outcome measures: All patients were assessed at baseline and after five weeks of
Results: 100 subject patients completed the treatment trial. 59% of subjects rated themselves as improved, with 13% rating themselves as much better.
In the 59% of subjects who improved, significant improvement was seen in all categories:
1. 79% average increase in energy (p<.001)
2. 84.2% average increase in overall well-being (p<.001)
3. 45.7% average improvement in sleep (p<.001)
4. 52.2% average improvement in mental clarity (p<.001)
5. 22% average decrease in pain (p=.001)
6. 54.4% average composite improvement in the above five domains (p<.001)
7. 35.3% average decrease in anxiety (p<.001)
8. 57.1% average improvement in digestive symptoms (p<.001)

The intervention was essentially equally effective in the subgroup whose vitality worsened after a viral infection. Looking at the entire participant group of 100, improvements from baseline were also highly significant.

Conclusions: A unique porcine serum polypeptide nutritional supplement (Recovery Factors®
by Recovery Nutraceuticals), resulted in markedly improved energy levels, sleep, mental clarity,
pain relief, calming, digestion and overall well-being. Identifier: NCT04381780