New Hope for Restoring Energy

Recovery Factors is a unique porcine serum derived polypeptide complex originally developed as a unique nutritional support supplement. It was clinically found to be safe and effective for nutritional recovery. However, as people began taking it, something fascinating happened.

Dramatic improvements were seen in fatigue, post exertion malaise, brain fog and “fatigue and soreness after over-exertion”. Through these observations it was determined that studies were needed to further evaluate its efficacy.

Two studies have recently been completed showing dramatic benefits, and frequently turning peoples’ lives around.

Supplement Facts

Safety and Purity

This supplement has safely been used by thousands of people for well over a decade.

The product is derived entirely as an extract from porcine blood components. These are unique animals, raised humanely and in a very clean and healthy environment, for use in human heart valve replacement surgery. It is predominantly a purified serum polypeptide mix.

Why It Works

The simple answer is we cannot be sure. What we do know is that it helps a vast array of people with diverse issues, suggesting more foundational levels of support are being provided within the body.

We do have some theories about mechanisms of actions, currently in research. But as scientists, we have learned to first see what is, and then work to understand why. One suspicion is that it helps to support immune function and a study showed that there was a dramatic 14% increase in protective antibodies.

These unique peptides can be more readily absorbed and more bio-available than amino acids (the usual building blocks of proteins). Protein is a general term given to everything made from amino acids and polypeptide structures, but it is very different from source to source. By way of analogy, amino acids are like random words. This unique mix is like a book written from these words. How they are combined makes all the difference in their actions.

Different proteins can break your body down, while others help to build it up. This can occur in countless different ways. The decades of experience using it for individuals not getting enough nutrition has shown that this protein uniquely helps support the body’s needs. It is not only a complete protein (containing all 20 amino acids required by the body) but also has an obviously low overhead to absorption, lifting one’s energy levels, rather than reducing them which tends to happen when digesting dietary protein. Together, these and the other less understood matches to biological requirements, create a powerful nutritional source of our most vital nutrients.

As Carl Sagan says, “The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.”

The Bottom Line

What was the main response received from those in the study. Panicked emails asking if we could be sure it would be available for them after the study!

Most people saw the benefits with their first bottle (a one-month supply). I strongly recommend initially following the directions under Dosing, including the short-term dietary recommendations.

This unique mix has been used for over a decade. There are numerous ways that Recovery Factors may be working to help you. We are currently doing more research to study these further. But in the interim, as we continue our investigations, the research is showing Recovery Factors to be extraordinarily helpful. Helping people feel good and recover their vitality!